A Reminder About Recovery

Around this time last year, I was sick. I spent every waking hour repeating rituals in my head while still maintaining the look of a "normal" life on the outside, going to school like usual. Until one day I couldn't take it  anymore, and called my mom, who picked me up from class early so … Continue reading A Reminder About Recovery


To the Person Who Will Love Me

To the person who will love me, I am writing you this letter because I hope and pray that you're out there, and if you are, there are some things you need to know. I am not always easy to love. Often I think it would be easier if you didn't love me at all. … Continue reading To the Person Who Will Love Me

An Open Letter to Those Who Are “Sooo OCD”

Before I realized I had obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), I knew very little about what the disorder actually was. We have all seen the characters on TV who claim to have OCD -- adorable Emma from Glee with her "quirky" fear of germs, or Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory whose compulsions are used for comedic effect, as if … Continue reading An Open Letter to Those Who Are “Sooo OCD”